Sumi-e, painting, Beppe Mokuza, Zen, meditation, brush, ink, monk, art, consciousness, peace, rice paper, mind
Sumi-e, Painting, Japanese, Beppe Mokuza, Zen, monk, ink, brush, consciousness, art, concentration

The orchid, bamboo, plum tree and chrysanthemum represent the “Ki” or the vital energy of the four seasons and of the four ages of man and are considered the “Four Gentlemen”.


Bamboo is the symbol of everlasting friendship and longevity.
It represents flexibility rooted in strength.
This metaphor for life, recalls the character of the wise man,
green in all seasons which does not break in a hurricane.
This suggests a strengthening and flexible inner attitude because just like the bamboo,
when a person faces the events of life,
they do not fight against change but go with the flow and adapt.


The plum tree represents Spring because it blossoms when snow still covers its branches.
It is the symbol of Spiritual Awakening.
The plum tree embodies vigour, longevity, strength and independence;
it is like “an orphan who grows up without the help of anyone.”


The orchid represents Summer, femininity and elegance.
“When emotions are running high and you feel depressed, you should paint the bamboo.
If you feel joyful then you should paint the orchid,
because orchid’s leaves seem to fly and free themselves in space,
their buds open up in a graceful and peaceful way.
The whole flower expresses happiness”. Chüeh Yin


Chrysanthemum represents Autumn.
It is the flower that “challenges the frost”.
The oriental world usually gives it the meaning of life and happiness.


“Enso”: The Circle of the Way.
It represents the totality of the Universe yet at the same time the emptiness w
hich is understood not as the source of nothing but as the source of everything.


The wisteria is the symbol of love, grace, bliss, patience and endurance.
It also represents victory over hardship and creative expansion.


Pine trees are similar to people of elevated principles whose features reveal their high moral stature.
They express the inner spiritual and potential strength of human beings.
They are like the hidden young dragon who is ready to rise up by twisting its body into coils and  emerging from a deep gorge.