Beppe Mokuza Signoritti 


Bambù, neve, sumi-e, Beppe Mokuza, maestro, pittura

Work by Beppe Mokuza

Beppe Mokuza Signoritti is a Zen monk belonging to the tradition of Soto Zen Buddhism, he is a disciple of Zen Master Roland Yuno Rech. He is founder and responsible of the Zen Dojo “Bodai Dojo” located in Alba, north Italy.

For almost thirty years he has been dedicating himself to Sumi-e and the practice of Zen meditation, exhibiting his works, holding conferences and practical demonstrations throughout Europe.

Since the beginning of his spiritual path Beppe Mokuza combines the practice of Zen with Sumi-e; he has been trained under the guidance of expert masters in France (Zen Temple of the Gendronnière), Switzerland (Zinal) and in Italy (Turin) at Zen Dojo Mokusho where he received the transmission of sumi-e painting method by the Zen monk Ezio Tenryu Zanin. In Torino he also learned the technical aspect of Chinese ink painting from three Japanese masters.

He exhibits his works, holds conferences and workshops in informal locations addressing his teaching to a wide audience including non-experts and lay people; he welcomes anyone who is interested in trying this “new” and particular type of artistic expression.

Since 2001 Master Mokuza teaches Sumi-e, Zenga technique and Suybokuga painting to groups of children, teenagers, adults and people with physical and mental disabilities.

In 2006 he holds his first workshop in a foreign country. Nowadays he travels through Europe for spreading Sumi-e, organizing workshops and many different events in France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Interesting to notice is the intense activity in the Netherlands. He visits Holland three times a year creating opportunities for practicing Sumi-e and Zen meditation in Rotterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Katwijk at the Sufi Temple “Universal Murad Hassil”. Other examples of his many travels abroad are in Germany: to the Aikido Dojo in Bochum and near Stuttgart in the Filderstadt Kunstschule.

The strong and dynamic energy of Beppe Mokuza can be witnessed in his participation of events dedicated to meditation and art which are organized at the Zen Temple “La Gendronnière” situated 200 km South-West of Paris. This Temple was founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru (first Zen Patriarch in the West). Since 2010 Beppe Mokuza travels to La Gendronnière three times a year to hold courses of Sumi-e.

Other events organized in France that can be mentioned are: the Sumi-e workshop in “Gyobustuji” (Zen Temple in Nice), Mulhouse, Toulouse and Chalon-sur-Saône.

Since 2013 Beppe Mokuza and his students participate to all the editions of the Festival dell’Oriente in the following cities: Rome, Turin, Milan, Padova, Naples, Bari, Carrara, Bologna and Perugia.

During this Festival, Beppe Mokuza offers concerts of sutra-singing in combination with moments of collective zen meditation, live Sumi-e demonstrations, conferences on Zen Buddhism and about Sumi-e painting. These activities are followed every year by thousands of people.

Starting from 2009 he dedicates himself in particular to the training of his students coming from all over the world at the Zen Dojo “Bodai Dojo” in Alba (Italy) where he is based and where he organizes six residential workshops a year. These events last ten days offering a very special and intense opportunity to train in Sumi-e and Zen meditation.